DOJ Trains AUSAs to Chase Mice While Lions Roam the Campsite

New Economic Perspectives has the article DOJ Trains AUSAs to Chase Mice While Lions Roam the Campsite by William K. Black.

According to the article, Attorney general Eric Holder appointed Benjamin Wagner as the Department Of Justice’s leader on mortgage fraud.

Black cites a quote from Wagner.

“Benjamin Wagner, a U.S. Attorney who is actively prosecuting mortgage fraud cases in Sacramento, Calif., points out that banks lose money when a loan turns out to be fraudulent. ‘It doesn’t make any sense to me that they would be deliberately defrauding themselves,’ Wagner said.”

If you don’t understand why this statement makes Wagner a totally inept leader on mortgage fraud, then you need to read the article.

Wagner makes the Supreme Court mistake.  Corporations are not  people.  People commit fraud to line their own pockets, not necessarily the pockets of the corporation for which they work.  If a top criminal attorney can understand the crime of  embezzlement, then he ought to be able to understand that “control fraud” is one way to commit that crime.  If it makes no sense to him, you have to wonder if he was sleeping during that lecture in law school.

Does this ignorance of how crime is committed go all the way up the chain of command through Eric Holder and on to President Obama?  That is what makes no sense to me.  I am still mystified as to how these smart people are willing to let themselves appear so dumb.

Maybe these politicians aren’t so dumb after all.  The majority of voters don’t seem to have figured out the magnitude of the crimes these people are allowing to go unpunished.

Cover-up in the Air – What Would Reagan Do?

The Daily Show has the video segment “Cover-up in the Air – What Would Reagan Do?”

The Daily Kos article has, Jon Stewart exposes GOP lies about Reagan’s response to downed airliner, this excerpt from the video.

Yes, Reagan was in deep mourning for losing the final 12% of his vacation. In fact, in 1988, when the U.S. accidentally shot down an Iranian airliner, also under Reagan’s watch, Reagan refused to end that vacation early.

And by the way, America was so torn up about shooting down that plane, that the commander of the ship who did it later received a medal for his service. I believe it was called the silver….

I used to hate it when Tim Russert had a standard operating procedure of carrying out interviews based on gotcha clips and quotes from the interviewee’s past. In this case, the gotcha seemed worthwhile for refreshing people’s memories.

Ironically, Chris Wallace is the one with the memory. He actually seems to care that he once had pretense of being a reporter. I wonder if the Faux Hoise panel will even remember what Chris Wallace had to say.

Watch: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s Emotional Speech on Child Migrants

Mother Jones has the article Watch: Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick’s Emotional Speech on Child Migrants.

“My faith teaches,” he said, fighting back tears, “that if a stranger dwells with you in your land, you shall not mistreat him but rather love him as yourself.”

in the Mother Jones article, the video they include starts at about the 5 minute mark of the YouTube video below.

There is nothing I could say that would be better than what is said in this video.

Military device used on Detroit protest against #WaterShutoffs

The Daily Kos has the article Military device used on Detroit protest against #WaterShutoffs.

A LRAD (Long Range Acoustic Device) was used to disperse a rally at Hart Plaza in downtown Detroit on Friday, July 18, 2014 at 2:43pm. There has been previous use of an LRAD in Detroit on May 1, 2012 when Occupy Detroit gathered on the public sidewalk outside Grand Circus Park after park closing hours of 10pm. The use in 2012 was as a public address. The use in 2014 was to cause distress to those hearing the sound.

You can hear the sound emitted in the video footage at 50 minutes into this clip (the final minute of the clip). Those who were on the platform to speak felt vibration throughout their body and some clutched at their chest during the deployment which last about 2 minutes.

How do you think the Supreme Court would rule on First Amendment consequences of using this device?  Freedom of speech does not guarantee that you will have eardrums after you speak. Ears are not for speaking. They will probably permit the use of this device, so Massachusetts is probably free to use this on abortion protesters.  It will be especially effective when the demonstrators stand closer than 30 feet to the people who are tying to get into a Planned Parenthood Clinic.

Enough of that.  What about the issue that was being protested?

Volunteers with the Peoples Water Board Coalition have heard from residents of rental properties that were not notified by their landlords of high water bills that resulted in water being turned off. It is inappropriate for people to have water – a human need – removed without notice. Detroit Water & Sewerage Department (DWSD) have contracted Homrich (a demolition company) to perform up to 3,000 shutoffs per week. Addresses are listed with no information about occupants of the locations being shutoff. Elders and families with small children are all treated the same. If the property is on the list it gets shutoff and those affected are told to come to a water payment center to work out arrangements. Thousands of Detroiters have experienced their water being turned off for at least 24 hours. Hundreds have been found that have had no water service for months. Sanitation concerns around the city are increasing.

Well, I think the oligarchs may have finally found out what they can do to start a rebellion.  Cutting off peoples’ access to water ought to rile them.

Run, Warren, Run! Draft Elizabeth Warren for President in 2016

The campaign to draft Elizabeth Warren to run for President has a catchy tune that I am sure everybody will be humming in just a few days. ;-)

Our campaign to draft Sen. Elizabeth Warren to run for President in 2016 is gaining huge momentum. Warren came to Netroots Nation in Detroit and #ReadyForWarren was there to greet her in style alongside thousands of grassroots progressives.

Americans of all stripes are calling for a leader who will fight for an America that works for all of us, not only the wealthy and the well-connected. Join us.

Filmed at Netroots Nation 2014 in Detroit, MI. Song written and performed by Jessie Murphy & friends. Video produced, directed, and edited by The Self Agency.

You can sign the petition to draft Warren.

What drove Hamas to take on Israel?

The BBC has published the article What drove Hamas to take on Israel?

It always pays to be skeptical about anybody attempting to explain the motivations of some one else. Given that skepticism, you can never really know if this explanation is “right”.  However, it seems more thoughtful than other analyses which just echo assurances that the author is all knowing and all seeing about intent of the clearly evil and contemptible other side. So with that caution, here is a teaser for what is in the article.

The immediate trigger for the escalation was the kidnapping of three Israeli teenagers in the West Bank on 12 June 2014. The Israeli government accused Hamas, arrested over 200 Hamas members in the West Bank and closed down organisations affiliated with Hamas.

To Hamas, the clampdown seemed politically motivated to eradicate its presence in the West Bank. The available evidence suggests that the kidnapping had not been authorised by Hamas’ political leadership but seemed to be the work of members of a powerful Hebron clan, with a history of carrying out rogue attacks in opposition to the Hamas leadership.

Within this context, the clampdown demanded a response, if Hamas was to retain credibility. …

I have read claims that Hamas”s “sudden” volley of missiles against Israel was unprovoked.  To that I have to ask, “When Israel responded to the kidnapping and of murder of three Israeli teenagers by arresting 400 Palestinians, did Israeli leaders really believe that the other side could not possibly want to retaliate in some way?”  I am not arguing whether or not Israel’s response was “right” or “wrong”.  I am asking whether or not Israeli leaders thought that its actions would lead to good results for Israel without considering the possible bad results for Israel?  If you think they were smart enough to consider all possible consequences (and if you were that smart, too), why would they and why would you be surprised at what happened?

If you are not surprised with what happened, then shouldn’t you just accept the fact that we did this, and they did that, and the chain will go on forever until someone gives up or is exterminated?  I know that some Jews feel that if they don’t exterminate the Palestinians, the Palestinians or someone else will exterminate the Jews.  To me, this seems to lead to a self-fulfilling prophecy.  For those of us who feel that there is some chance that this prophecy does not have to come true, we are looking for a way to stop our own friends from forcing the prophecy to come true.

For those who have a strong belief in God, I wonder how many times does that God have to tell his chosen people to stop acting that way, before they get the hint?

Ready For Warren at Net Roots Nation

I received this email. It’s a great sign of life to the start of this campaign.

——– Original Message ——–

Subject: Here we are: #runlizrun
Date: Fri, 18 Jul 2014 12:58:31 +0000
From: Ready4Warren Team via Ready for Warren
Reply-To: <>

Ready For Warren
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Thank you so much for signing on to support Warren for President! We’re so excited that you’ve joined our campaign.

We’re writing to you from Netroots Nation in Detroit, where Warren is due to speak in about an hour. The excitement here is seriously amazing. Here are a few ways you can help us keep building the momentum today:

1. A live feed of Warren’s speech is available at . You can tune in starting at 10am.

2. We’ll be posting a bunch on our Facebook page and Twitter account . For the rest of today we’re asking for your help in spreading the images and videos that we’ll be promoting.

3. Our hashtags are: #RunLizRun, #ReadyforWarren, and #NN14.

4. We’ll be releasing a video of our official song later today. Please give it love!

5. Help us spread the link to our website: . This is where others can sign our petition. The faster this list grows, the more power we have as a community.

6. Many of you have been in touch with offers to help, suggestions and valuable contacts. THANK YOU. We’ve been inundated! It will take us just a little time to get back to everyone properly. Meanwhile, know this: we believe in an open model of organizing. We want to inspire others as we have been inspired. We want to support everyone doing the things they want to do for this great cause. And we hope to become a clearinghouse for all the great ideas and efforts that are springing up like flowers after the rain.

Thank you,

The Ready for Warren Team

PS: Feel free to pass this email along to lists you belong to, if appropriate.

Visit us on our website on Facebook or Twitter @Warren4Prez

Exclusive – Hillary Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 2

The Daily Show has the interview Exclusive – Hillary Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 2.

There is so much wrong with what Clinton has to say here that it reminds me that it is not only her domestic policy that is so off track.

She thinks that if the people alive today understood our history better, they would like us better.

Two days ago I added to my list of Quotes,

It is crucial to understand the history, but the future is the only thing you can change.

If our history were indicative of what kind of country we are today, it would still be just ancient history compared to the relevance of what are we going to do today and into the future.

She goes on to clarify that during the cold war with our competition with the USSR, we had a large information campaign to tell the world about America in comparison to the USSR. She thinks we have cut too far back on such efforts. She forgets that during the cold war, our fear of the competition with the USSR for hearts and minds of people around the world kept the worst tendencies of our oligarchs in check. It is not only the breadth of our story telling has declined, but it is the story itself that has declined. Many of Hillary Clinton’s favorite oligarchs are substantially responsible for the decline of the story.

She then goes on to talk about the situation in Ukraine claiming that Russian propaganda has been more effectively told than our story. In fact, our greatest propaganda victory has been hiding the sordid record of our involvement in this Ukrainian debacle. The fact that she can give a public interview (without getting booed off the stage) claiming that the Russian’s are the bad guys and we are the good guys in the Ukraine shows our propaganda success.

What is sordid about our involvement in the Ukraine has a lot to do with how our oligarchs and their friends around the world want to do worse by the Ukraine than they have already managed to do to the USA. These are the friends of Hillary.

Egregious Fraudster: Introducing Bob Rubin’s Citicorp

New Economic Perspectives has the article Egregious Fraudster: Introducing Bob Rubin’s Citicorp by L. Randall Wray. This article is mostly commentary on The Real News Network interview of Bill Black Who Is the Unsung Hero of the $7 Billion Citigroup Settlement?.

The following quote is from the Wray article quoting Bill Black:

According to Bill,

“This is the latest in the way of embarrassing settlements by the Department of Justice that they’re trying to bill as if they were holding Citicorp accountable… you’ll note that there are no criminal charges in this case against the individuals or against Citicorp. And as a result of all of this, all of the individuals who became wealthy through what the Department of Justice describes as an egregious fraud that was followed by a coverup–in other words, multiple felonies–have not been charged at this point, and, frankly, there’s no indication that they’re about to be charged as well. So the people that committed the frauds get to keep all of the bonuses that were created as a result of those frauds, and it’s another disgraceful moment in the chapter of the Department of Justice….”

All you fans of Hillary Clinton, please remember that Robert Rubin is an example of the type of people who will help fund her campaign for President. He is also indicative of the type of people she is likely to have in her administration. What about this situation do you not understand?

Notice that Bill Black wished his daughter and new son-in-law “Mazel Tov”. If people like Robert Rubin are going to run around and sully the reputation of Jews, then at least I can claim that Bill Black is the type of person who is trying to make up for what Rubin has done.

Perhaps the ethnic background of the names Rubin and Black are less obvious than is the name Greenberg. Perhaps that is the reason why I am particularly angry at the perpetrators of the banking fraud.

Sen. Warren’s Floor Speech on Hobby Lobby Decision

Sen. Warren has this on her Facebook page.

Senator Warren delivered a floor speech on the Supreme Court’s Hobby Lobby decision and urged passage of the Protect Women’s Health from Corporate Interference Act, on July 15, 2014.