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Gen. Petraeus: US violated Geneva Convention

Follow this link to an article that has a video of General Petraeus making these remarks.

I won’t embed the video here because the interview was on Faux News.

Watching the “news people” discuss the interview after it was all over, I was almost horrified to think that Faux News was actually waking up to reality.  By the time the video clip got to the end, my faith in the stupidity of Faux News was abundantly restored.

Levin Calls Cheney A Liar On Torture

Follow this link to the article on

Follow this link to the article titled Levin: CIA Torture Documents Cheney Wants Don’t Prove Squat.

Follow this link to the article on Huffington Post where there are already over 1,000 comments.

If we don’t bring the Bush administration people to justice, they will continue to lie and put our security at risk.  They have no shame for the lengths that they will be willing to go to protect their own hides. This is  understandable, but not excusable.  It is time for us to provide the shame they clearly don’t possess.

Former Interrogator Rebukes Cheney for Torture Speech

Do not let Former Vice President Cheney confuse you on the issue of torture. Learn what one of our most successful interrogators says about the techniques that work. Why listen to Cheney about interrogation? Cheney is someone who has never interrogated a prisoner and has never spoken directly to a prisoner about what motivates him or her?

Be fully armed to stave off the propaganda campaign that the former Vice President is waging to save himself from prosecution, conviction, and possible punishment.

If you ever have any trouble making a moral decision, it doesn’t hurt to ask yourself whether or not your descendants will be proud of the choice that you made.  I use that technique,  myself.

You don’t want your descendants asking, “Why did they let their leaders torture?  Why didn’t they speak out as soon as they heard the details of what was being done by their government?”

Follow this link to the Huffington Post article about this video.  There you will also see links to other related articles and readers’ comments.

Humor–Myron Scholes on the best way to reduce risk 1

Manalanobis translates a segment of a Myron Scholes interview with an Austrian newspaper in which Scholes comments on ‘the best way to reduce risk.’

Scholes is a co-developer of the Black-Scholes-Merton option pricing formula. Scholes and Merton won a Nobel in part for their work on options; Black had died before the Nobel was awarded. Scholes was part of Meriwether’s arbitrage group at Salomon Brothers, and later a partner of Long Term Capital Management.

I apologize in advance for subjecting you to this bit of humor.

Do you want a little more Scholes? Deborah Solomon interviewed him in the 17 May 2009 issue of the New York Times Magazine.

Nota bene: You will NOT learn anything about option pricing from either of the above links.

Obama Speech on National Security


Click on the above image to see the MSNBC complete video of Obama’s speech about national security.  The speech was presented at the National Archives. This may be the most important Presidential speech that has been given in my lifetime.

It is worth spending 50 minutes to hear Obama explain the issues as nobody else seems to be able to do in this age.

Follow this link to Dick Cheney’s response.

Why a War Crimes Trial Is Necessary

Follow this link to yet another letter to the editor that  the Worcester Telegram & Gazette has published in support of torture.

In the comments section on the letter, I wrote the following response:

It is becoming apparent to me that no simple discussion of the facts will convince these torture apologists that their position is unsupportable.

The only way that these people will be convinced that they are on the losing side of this argument is to bring the authors of this illegal and immoral policy to trial in a court of law. When they are convicted of war crimes, then everyone will know that no matter what your personal belief is about torture, the civilized world holds it to be a crime of the highest order.

If we cannot convince people that torture is wrong, we can at least convince them that they will be tried, convicted, and punished for it.

The Truth About Richard Bruce Cheney

Follow this link to the column by Col. Lawrence B. Wilkerson, who is former chief of staff of the Department of State during the term of Secretary of State Colin Powell. I think he does a pretty good job of demolishing all of Cheney’s self justifications for insisting that our government should use torture.