We Make Money The Old Fashioned Way, We Steal It

The Columbia-Journalism Review quotes Senator Tom Coburn from the Levin-Coburn report on the financial disaster.

The subcommittee’s findings show “without a doubt the lack of ethics in some of our financial institutions who embraced known conflicts of interest to accomplish wealth for themselves, not caring about the outcome for their customers,” said Coburn. “When that happens, no country can survive and neither can their financial institutions.”

Remember that Senator Tom Coburn is the conservative Republican member of the subcommittee.

According to the Huffington Post coverage of the story

Carl Levin, chair of the Senate Permanent Subcommittee on Investigations, will recommend that Goldman executives who testified before his panel, including chairman and chief executive Lloyd Blankfein, be referred to the Justice Department for possible criminal prosecution, the Michigan Democrat announced Wednesday. Members of the subcommittee will now deliberate Levin’s proposal.

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