The Ricketts Plan to Defeat Barack Obama

Apparently the Obama campaign wants you to see the document The Ricketts Plan to Defeat Barack Obama.

A news report this morning exposed an outrageous plan by Republican operatives, and a secretive right-wing super PAC, to spend millions of dollars to spew ugly, divisive slime on TV in hopes of tearing down the President.

Read this incredible story, and you’ll see we’re up against. It’s everything that’s wrong with politics — and the Republican Party — today.

It’s clear that this crowd will say anything, do anything, and spend anything to take the President down and elect Mitt Romney.

Right now, demand that Mitt Romney strongly condemn any hate tactics being used in his name — he can stop them if he wants to:

They think they can win by shamelessly dividing our country. Let’s prove them wrong.

I think the implication of the document is the PAC’s intent to reopen the Reverend Wright story to attack the President. Since the original story is the prime example of when the media gets a story wrong they just never let it go, you know you won’t be able to hear the truth from the media.

In fact there may only be a few people in this country who have avoided the mass propaganda infection foisted on us by the press over this story that they went out of their way to distort to avoid revealing what idiots they really are. Sort of like pretending that the Stephen Colbert speech at the Washington Press Corp dinner wasn’t a hilariously funny attack on the media’s own failings, but with more serious consequences.

May 18, 2012

Could we be surprised by a slightly elevated tone of the coming campaign? See Romney moves swiftly to rule out anti-Wright ad.

By the way, does President Obama’s attempts to explain what vulture capitalism is amount to character assassination as so frequently mentioned by Romney in his remarks in the above linked article? Or are Romney’s repeated references to character assassination the real attempt at character assassination?

I report, you decide. Or is it I make innuendos and you decide?

Still May 18, 2012

Gee, this story has more legs than I thought. See The Real Super PAC Menace (Hint: It Has Nothing To Do With Jeremiah Wright Ads). Or is it more angles?

Does this mean that big donors don’t have an impact on presidential elections? Not exactly. Yesterday’s furor over Ricketts’ potential Jeremiah Wright ad proved another important point about the impact of rich individual donors in a post-Citizens United world: They don’t have to write a check to have a big impact, even on a presidential general election contest. They just have to clear their throats.


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