Ron Barber’s win in Arizona House race a lift for dispirited Democrats

The Christian Science Monitor has the article Ron Barber’s win in Arizona House race a lift for dispirited Democrats.

Voters in former Rep. Gabrielle Giffords’ House district elected Ron Barber, the retired congresswoman’s aide, to serve out her term. Barber defeated a tea-party-backed candidate in a district where registered Republicans outnumber Democrats.

Of course the Republicans are claiming:

Congressman Sessions of the GOP campaign committee said “but Jesse ran a campaign focused on pro-growth policies that will lead to less government and a strong and vibrant economy.”

So if the Republicans have a pro-growth policy where was the strong and vibrant economy at the end of the previous Republican administration?  How come the economy is doing so badly given that they have blocked almost every single initiative that Obama has wanted to try, and have even forced him to continue some of the disastrous tax policies from the previous 3 Republican administrations?

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