Are the Republicans and Netanyahu Actually Heroes?

I read this response to an article on The Daily Kos.  I’ll call it Are the Republicans and Netanyahu Actually Heroes?  I think the following paragraph excerpted from the comment best summarizes the point the commenter was making:

When a segment of the Iranian ruling establishment thinks that the correct strategic choice is always on the opposite side of what the Jewish guy thinks, or in this case what the conservative Christian Republicans think, it’s not that hard to picture them being maneuvered into accepting whatever Rouhani’s guys agree to in Geneva.  Picture Rouhani sending a trusted emissary to talk to the Majlis hardliners and all he’ll have to say is “you should support this deal because the Republicans and the evil Jooz are against it.”  As soon as they hear “Jooz,” half of those hardliners will all be falling over each other to support the deal. (using the mis-spelled version of the word to convey the very real and very dispiriting but also very predictable anti-Semitism involved).

My response to this possible ploy was  the following:

Should we Forgive The Republicans and Netanyahu

This convoluted strategy almost sounds plausible.  If the Senate, the House, and Netanyahu are all part of a carefully orchestrated scheme from the Whitehouse to get the Iranians to accept the deal, will it even be possible to make this public after the deal is signed?

If it can’t be made public for fear of losing the deal, will the Republicans and Netanyahu have sacrificed their careers for the good of the nation and the world?

If the Republicans are willing to sit in prison for three years for violating the Logan Act just to achieve a deal on nuclear proliferation, they will deserve secret medals of freedom from Obama.

This definitely puts this idea in the class of examples of Greenberg’s Law of Counterproductive Behavior.

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