Reminder: WikiLeaks Revealed The Deliberate Construction Of A Neo-Liberal ‘Echo Chamber’

Newslogue has the article Reminder: WikiLeaks Revealed The Deliberate Construction Of A Liberal ‘Echo Chamber’. This article is mistitled. It should have used the term Neo-Liberal the correct spelling of which is Not-Liberal.

So to recap, an elite insider of the Democratic party met with a group of powerful neoliberal oligarchs to discuss how they would use their footholds in the media, the internet, academia, faith-based groups and think tanks to create “a group situation where information, ideas, and beliefs are uncritically bounced from insider to insider and amplified, while dissenting views are censored and/or ignored,” exactly like the idiocy-generating manipulation machine that conservative think tanks were inflicting upon Americans of the political right. They planned this, and they succeeded, which is why Democrats have been acting like raving lunatics lately.

If you are going to promote George Soros conspiracy theories, you might as well go with one that is probably true.

The trouble with Democrats using plans like this is that there are a sufficient number of (ex) Democrats who rebel at tactics like this. We refused to echo what we were told to echo. That’s why, although right-wing radio has lots of viewers, “mainstream” left-wing radio never seems to last very long.

The only thing that keeps these left-wing things going seems to be RT. Even Air America, MSNBC, and Al Jazeera couldn’t last. Well, I suppose maybe the George Soros crowd is trying to pump a little life support into MSNBC.

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