Are You Crazy Not To Believe Obama Wiretapped Trumps Phones?

Uproxx has the article Donald Trump Kicked Off The Weekend By Taking To Twitter To Wildly Claim That Obama Wiretapped The Phones In Trump Tower.

On Saturday, Donald Trump started his day by tweeting that he believes President Obama wiretapped his phones in Trump Tower just before his election victory in November. Citing no evidence, Trump called it a Nixon-Watergate level situation and compared it to McCarthyism.

No evidence? Well do you want some stinkin’ evidence? There is an interesting article that Donald Trump may have read before making his claims. Talking Points Memo has the article What The CIA and FBI Knew About Trump Before 2016.

It seems quite probable that as Trump moved closer to the presidency in the early months of 2016, alarm bells started to go off in the FBI and the CIA, as the relevance of business partnerships with Sater and reliance on capital out of the former Soviet Union suddenly became dramatically more relevant. Again, as I said, as long as Donald Trump was just Donald Trump this didn’t matter that much. There’s plenty of dirty money sloshing around the New York real estate world. But when it started to seem plausible that he might become the next President, this would start to be a matter of great concern.

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