Cutting Off Capital: How to Resist Trump’s Corporate Collaborators

Truth Out has the article Cutting Off Capital: How to Resist Trump’s Corporate Collaborators.

Instead of it being an isolated battle, it was Trump’s job czar actually involved in cutting wages, benefits and outsourcing work. This is one of the pieces that I think is the most critical, which is showing that the people that Trump has put in charge, like Wilbur Ross, are actually job destroyers. We want to completely change the story by putting the spotlight on them by saying, “These are actually the people that got rich destroying good jobs. It is not evil foreigners or immigrants. It is these guys.” That lets you raise a whole set of issues in terms of showing who they are and then, all the different ways that they gamed the system to enrich themselves at the expense of workers.

I thought I had been following the issues even before I started writing this blog. However, what is in this article is a far more sickening exposure what is going on. Since I already read Naomi Klein’s Shock Doctrine, I wasn’t made quite as badly physically ill as when I read her books. I guess she immunized me a little.

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