Trump’s Idea of Running Government Like a Business is Bad for Citizens

Naked Capitalism has the article, Trump’s Idea of Running Government Like a Business is Bad for Citizens, based on The Real News Network’s interview with Michael Hudson.

The idea of running it like a business is to screw labor. To pay labor as little as possible, and to get as much money for themselves — the businessmen — as possible. So, when Kushner says, “Let’s run government like a business,” what he really means is, let’s run government for business.

In general, a business’s purpose is to make a profit. Selling something is one way to do it. Speculating in commodities or other company’s stock is another. Whatever the business, the main purpose is to make money. In the old economy selling something was the where most profit in the economy came from. In today’s financialized economy, the most profit is made via financial transactions.

In the days of making things and selling things, it was not a zero sum game. A manufacturer would take raw materials and turn them into something more valuable to sell.

In today’s financialized economy it is a zero sum game. What ever one business gains, it comes from someone else’s loss. There is very little of value being created.

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