Interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan

YouTube has the video Interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan.

Interview with British Journalist Tom Duggan in Damascus Kasaa at the French Hospital tells us about the chemical attacks accusations:

You can find links to this video all over the internet. Here is one from The International ReporterSYRIA: Terrorist Attacks on Civilians in Damascus, Alleged Chemical Attacks in Idlib – Tom Duggan Reporting Live.

I was trying to find other instances of Tom Duggan’s reporting other than the above interview. One that I found was Project 1070 Under fire ASP report Aleppo Tom Duggan with Sinan Saeed. This has been enough to convince me that Tom Duggan might actually be who he claims to be. In this web of lies that reporting on Syria has become, it is hard to know if anybody can be trusted to tell you even a portion of the truth.

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