What Is A Little Country Like North Korea To Do?

I wonder how far ahead Trump and Kim Jong Un think in their game of chicken?

Looking at Saddam Hussein’s experience, he got himself trapped in a snare of his own making. He needed countries around him to believe he had WMD to keep them at bay. He needed the USA to realize he didn’t have them so that we wouldn’t need to stop him with shock and awe. The world and Kim Jong Un saw how that worked out for Hussein.

If the USA decided to do something like that or worse to North Korea, Kim Jong Un might not have a chance to retaliate. The Soviet Union and the USA faced a situation like that during the cold war against each other. The ultimate deterrent turned out to be what was called a Dooms Day Machine. Such a machine would retaliate against an attacker without the need for human intervention.

In Kim Jong Un’s situation, the only real threat he could make is to tell us he has a Dooms Day Machine. This machine would automatically respond if he is ever attacked. He would have (nuclear) explosives already planted in a number of the world’s major cities. These explosives would detonate automatically if North Korea is ever attacked.

I am sure my idea is not one that has never been imagined by our military or North Korea’s military. If Trump keeps escalating in response to North Korea’s escalating, the Dooms Day Machine may be the last resort. Surely the best minds in the two countries can come up with an alternative that won’t destroy us all.

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