Web Site Attacks Are Common

With all the excitement of supposed Russian attacks on the DNC computers to steal email, I get the feeling that most people don’t understand how common attacks on web sites are.

I just got an email about an unusual number of attacks on this blog.

The Firewall has blocked 126 attacks over the last 10 minutes. Below is a sample of these recent attacks:

September 7, 2017 1:06pm (Germany) Blocked

I have edited the messages a tad to remove information that might help the attacker. However, the point is that these attacks can come from anywhere. The location of the computer that is doing the attacking is not an indication that the government of that country is doing the attacking. It is not even an indication of the location of the person who initiated the attack.

Just to prove the point, I know that the computer that is hosting this blog is in the western part of the USA, while I am sitting in Massachusetts creating this post.

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