First look at paper-ballot machines that Georgia is testing

The Atlanta Journal-Constitution has the article Exclusive: First look at paper-ballot machines that Georgia is testing.

“Every vote that’s been cast there is a hard-copy paper record that each voter validated before it was inserted, scanned and tabulated,” said Jeb S. Cameron with Election Systems and Software, a Nebraska-based voting software and election management company that will help Georgia pilot a new paper-ballot voting system in November.

The trouble with this system is that the voter does not get to keep a copy of the vote. If the voter got to keep a copy, then that copy could be used to check the online record of the vote to make sure that what gets counted is what the voter voted for. The vote printout would have a numeric code on it that the voter would use to check their specific vote online. Nobody but the voter would know the numeric code that corresponds to their vote. If the voter detects a discrepancy between the online record and their receipt, they could bring their receipt to voting authorities and lodge a protest.

See my previous post Making Electronic Voting Transparent for a description of how I think such a system should be built.

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