Clinton Democrats Hate the Left – RAI with Thomas Frank (4/6)

The Real News Network has the episode Clinton Democrats Hate the Left – RAI with Thomas Frank (4/6).

Paul Jay: The unions had more clout. There was a mass movement. Frankly, whatever the Soviet Union actually was, there actually was an alternative system, at least in people’s minds. There’s a lot of things going on in the world that made this dynamic between the professional class, the elites, and the system different back then as now. But it is what it is now, which is a Clinton-esque party now.

I picked this quote because that is exactly what I thought about the balancing force that the Soviet Union provided. It forced the capitalist system to put on a human face. Without that balancing force capitalism was able to deteriorate to its current situation. I don’t believe that any one “ism” is able to provide everything that a society needs. There has to be a balance of forces to get the best for a society.

When the socialistic tendencies take the ascendancy as they probably will some day, if I am still around, I will be arguing for more capitalism to balance the system. Right now, I am on the side of needing more socialism to balance raw capitalism (well at least the perverted version of capitalism we have right now.)

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