IT’S HERE: All the details of Trump’s massive tax plan

Business Insider has the article IT’S HERE: All the details of Trump’s massive tax plan. Here is an excerpt from the article with a few liberties taken by me to adjust the content to be more truthful.

“Too many in our country are shut out of the dynamism of the US economy, which has led to the justifiable feeling that the system is rigged against hardworking Americans,” the nine-page plan reads. “With significant and meaningful tax changes, we will create a system that accentuates the rigging. If you think the rich have been draining money out of the economy before, just wait to see what they will be able to get away with after we make things worse.”

The rich already take too much money out of the economy. They rake in the money, but as John Maynard Keynes explains, there are no real assets worth investing in due to lack of consumer wealth to demand more product. Instead, the wealthy put money into things like elevating stock prices which companies use to buy other companies or sock it away for future use. They buy other companies to eliminate competition. They strip the assets from these companies, and then shut them down. This does not create jobs.

We need to keep this money out of the hands of the idle rich, or take it back from them in taxes, and put the money to use in the economy by investing in our future and putting the money in the hands of people who would spend it to restore consumer demand.

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