What It’s Like Living On Low Wages

U.s. Senator Bernie Sanders has posted on Facebook the video What It’s Like Living On Low Wages.

When you have massive income and wealth inequality, the very rich becoming much richer, it is not a radical idea to say that in America we should make sure our workers are paid a living wage.

This is what I feel the problem is for well-off Democrats. Some of them that I speak to don’t seem to be able to understand this. I don’t live this poor life either, but I realize I have limitations on what I can imagine. I think I know and talk to some people who are living close to this life so that I can at least know what it is I do not know. I think some of my well-off Democratic friends also know such people, but somehow these well-off friends seem to be blocking out the understanding part.

Read the comments on this video on Senator Sanders’ Facebook page if you want to see a confirmation of what I am saying about some people who are well off, but cannot imagine the struggles some people go through.

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