The Silencing of Dissent

Truthdig has the Chris Hedges article The Silencing of Dissent.

My show on RT America, “On Contact,” like my columns at Truthdig, amplifies the voices of these dissidents—Tariq Ali, Kshama Sawant, Mumia Abu-Jamal, Medea Benjamin, Ajamu Baraka, Noam Chomsky, Dr. Margaret Flowers, Rania Khalek, Amira Hass, Miko Peled, Abby Martin, Glen Ford, Max Blumenthal, Pam Africa, Linh Dinh, Ben Norton, Eugene Puryear, Allan Nairn, Jill Stein, Kevin Zeese and others. These dissidents, if we had a functioning public broadcasting system or a commercial press free of corporate control, would be included in the mainstream discourse. They are not bought and paid for. They have integrity, courage and often brilliance. They are honest. For these reasons, in the eyes of the corporate state, they are very dangerous.

I have started following Chris Hedges long before he was on RT. This is a real serious threat we are facing. The dissident voice had many outlets a couple of years ago, but almost all of them have been shut down. RT is almost the only outlet left. That is why almost all the dissidents have been forced to use RT as the only possible outlet.

The endless wars, fought largely to enrich the arms industry and swell the power of the military, are futile and counterproductive to national interests. Deindustrialization and austerity programs have impoverished the working class and fatally damaged the economy.

I am just hoping that because I earned mine before the economy was fatally damaged, I will be able to skate through as long as I am alive. I know that seems like the philosophy that Elizabeth Warren used to decry – “I’ve got mine, the rest of you are on your own.” The difference I claim is that on my blog and elsewhere, I am trying to help others who have not got theirs yet, but if the others refuse to help themselves, I have to at least protect myself and my immediate family.

This is a war of ideas. The corporate state cannot compete honestly in this contest. It will do what all despotic regimes do—govern through wholesale surveillance, lies, blacklists, false accusations of treason, heavy-handed censorship and, eventually, violence.

I noticed that lately I have come under attack for reminding people of historical facts that were news worthy only a few years ago. Not only have people forgotten, but they just don’t want to hear about it either.

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