Internet Neutrality Quiz 1

As you know, the current FCC net neutrality rules do not allow for high speed internet lanes and lower speed internet lanes.

In my location my independent service provider (ISP) Charter Spectrum internet offers Internet Plus at 60 mbps for $54.99/month and Internet Ultra 100 mbps for $94.99/month.

What will change when the FCC does away with net neutrality so that ISP’s can charge different rates for different speeds?

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One thought on “Internet Neutrality Quiz

  • SteveG Post author

    This is the answer that Weston Kruse provided on Facebook.

    Weston Kruse: There are three primary changes that ISPs, could enact if net neutrality were repealed. The first and most drastic is simply blocking any content that they do not want their customers to receive. They don’t like a certain alternative media source that you enjoy, they block it. The second action that they could take would be to slow down and or block content from certain providers, such as Netflix, Hulu, Amazon, Etc unless those company pay additional fees to maintain high speeds for their customers. This would be the equivalent of you having a vlog and while you already pay your ISP to put it on the internet you are contacted by every other ISP and told that unless you pay them as well no one that uses their services will be able to see your vlog. And finally the third action that they could take would be to deem certain websites and or Services as premium. That would mean that for instance if you want to be able to watch Netflix you have to pay an additional $5 per month regardless of what speed you already paid for. This can be applied to any website or group of websites as it is currently done in countries such as Portugal.