Trump’s Infrastructure Con

U.S. News & World Report has the article Trump’s Infrastructure Con.

America needs a big, bold infrastructure plan. Trump’s proposal is not one.

U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders has a Facebook post about this article.

President Trump is right to talk about the need to rebuild our country’s infrastructure, but the proposal he introduced today is dead wrong.
The reality is that Trump’s plan to privatize our nation’s infrastructure is an old idea that has never worked and never will work.

I immediately thought about the disastrous plans that we foisted on Russia to privatize its economy after the breakup of the Soviet Union. Vladimir Putin is still working to rein in the damage that we caused.

The Nation has the article The Harvard Boys Do Russia.

Such questions need to be answered, but any serious inquiry must go beyond individual corruption and examine how U.S. policy, using tens of millions in taxpayer dollars, helped deform democracy and economic reform in Russia and helped create a fat-cat oligarchy run amok.

Institutional Investor has an article that touches on the some of the same topics – How Harvard lost Russia.

The articles in The Nation and Institutional Investor are long and involved. So far I have only had a chance to skim them to see that they confirm my understanding of how Harvard advisers steered Russia into disastrous economic policies.

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