The Real Goal of “Russiagate” is to Prepare for Endless Austerity and War

The Black Agenda Report has the article The Real Goal of “Russiagate” is to Prepare for Endless Austerity and War.

The Russians will never face trial in the U.S., and it is highly unlikely that the unindicted Americans will be criminally charged — but that is not the purpose of Mueller’s indictment. The political crime has been defined, for the broad purpose of repressing dissent in the United States. The witch hunt has found a legalistic vocabulary.

There are a lot of good reasons mentioned in this article to be angry with the promotion of the idea of Russiagate.

I’ll mention one of my life long principles that is another reason for my anger.

Throughout my life and particularly during my professional career, I have always felt that in any competitive situations I tried to beat the competition by doing a better job than they did. I would be, and was, ashamed of any effort to win by putting road blocks in the way of the competition. I did manage to talk companies where I worked from taking punitive actions against a competitor if it looked like the competitor were going to do a better job than we were going to do.

The world and my industry is better served if all the competitors try to do the best job that they can rather than trying to trip up the competition. I always felt that if had to resort to tripping up the competition to win the race, then I didn’t belong in the race. If the competition was winning through fair and honest practices, then they deserved to win.

I guess I could afford to have my attitude because I always felt that I was capable of doing a job well enough to succeed at it. I also worked for companies that I thought were good enough to succeed. When my interests and the company’s interests started to diverge in ways that I could not change, then I just looked for (and luckily always found) another job.

If we, as residents of the USA, believe that our country can do a better job, then why wouldn’t we just do that job as well as we can. If some other society can do the job better, then they deserve to win. Perhaps we can actually learn from people who do a better job at what we want to do. We don;t actually need to “win”. All I want to do is to be able to lead a respectable and comfortable life. If those needs are met, I don’t have to get myself in a fever pitch with concern that someone else might be doing better.

This carries over to my philosophy about investing. I don’t care whether or not I beat the market. If I do well enough to support my family and myself, then I can be happy no matter what the rest of the market does.

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