What’s really going on in East Ghouta? VIDEO

The Rabit Hole has the story What’s really going on in East Ghouta? VIDEO. (It is also on Facebook.)

This video was created by an amazing team of people that won’t let the voices of innocent civilians who are being killed in Damascus, be silenced by western mainstream media!

Created by Carla Ortiz, Jason Clarke, Soraya Tebbani and narrated by Sarah Abed.

Helicia Forest-Ussach has posted some items like this one. The Rabbit Hole web site has a “What Is The Rabbit Hole?” page to give you some background on the author of these stories.

It is hard to figure out who, if anyone, is telling you the truth about Syria. I get skeptical when a well financed news medium tells you only one side of a story. That is why I post the “other” side of the story. I could post both sides, but I figure you get enough of one side from the corporate press, so I only have to supply the missing part.

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