Doing What the Market Can’t

New Economic Perspectives has the article Doing What the Market Can’t.

The only real option, therefore, is to eliminate the semantic mistakes, overcome the delusion, and begin thinking and talking about direct sovereign spending to achieve the essential but unprofitable goals of America’s democracy. Please note this does not require progressive leaders to disparage, in any way, the Market Economy. Indeed, they can earnestly champion and cherish it just as loudly as any conservative. Now, however, they can add the proposition that the Market Economy, so effective at providing America with much of what it needs and desires, will have a partner which can effectively provide the rest.

This goes along with my idea of “what worksism”. Let the “market” or “capitalism” do what it is capable of doing, and then add on whatever extras are needed in order to accomplish what “capitalism” is not capable of doing.

If you don;t already understand Modern Money Theory, then you won’t understand this article.

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