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Here is the YouTube from the original author of IS RACISM OVER YET?

Thanks to my Facebook friend Tangelia Sinclair-Moore for sharing this with her Facebook post.

Being privileged myself, I know that I have not lived this, but I did live through the history. I was able to observe, as a bystander, many of the things that Laci Green mentions that are just history to people her age. None of this is a surprise to people of my age who had their eyes and ears open at the time it was happening. The more recent events are available to anyone over the age of, say, 6 if they have an open mind.

In Regards to Conservatives Fierce Defense of Child Rape   Recently updated !

The Daily Kos has the tirade In Regards to Conservatives Fierce Defense of Child Rape.

Here is the gist of the story, which you must have heard about by now.

Conservatives heard about Josh Duggar raping at least 5 of his very young sisters. They heard about how his parents knew, tried to cover it all up, and sickeningly allowed it to continue for an entire year after they learned about it.

The tirade in the Daily Kos is more than merited by the facts of this case, and cases like it.

This is the type of thing that made Sharon and me more than happy to leave the state of Texas. I know this sort of stuff goes on all over the world, but the situation in Texas was finally more than we could take. Child molesters can seem like some of the nicest people in the world except to their victims.

Bernie Sanders Tames John Harwood

Speakeasy with John Harwood has the transcript and video for 10 questions with Bernie Sanders. It is easy to hide the taming of the pundit if you can edit the video after the fact. At least they had the decency to publish the entire transcript. Below is just one excerpt.

HARWOOD: After the revolution, what does it look like? What do you see happening to the 1 percent?

SANDERS: What is my dream? My dream is, do we live in a country where 70 percent, 80 percent, 90 percent of the people vote? Where we have serious discourse on media rather than political gossip, by the way? Where we’re debating trade policy, we’re debating foreign policy, we’re debating economic policy, where the American people actually know what’s going on in Congress? Ninety-nine percent of all new income generated today goes to the top 1 percent. Top one-tenth of 1 percent owns as much as wealth as the bottom 90 percent. Does anybody think that that is the kind of economy this country should have? Do we think it’s moral? So to my mind, if you have seen a massive transfer of wealth from the middle class to the top one-tenth of 1 percent, you know what, we’ve got to transfer that back if we’re going to have a vibrant middle class. And you do that in a lot of ways. Certainly one way is tax policy.

HARWOOD: Have you seen some of the quotations from people on Wall Street, people in business? Some have even likened the progressive Democratic crusade to Hitler’s Germany hunting down the Jews.

SANDERS: It’s sick. And I think these people are so greedy, they’re so out of touch with reality, that they can come up and say that. They think they own the world.

What a disgusting remark. I’m sorry to have to tell them, they live in the United States, they benefit from the United States, we have kids who are hungry in this country. We have people who are working two, three, four jobs, who can’t send their kids to college. You know what? Sorry, you’re all going to have to pay your fair share of taxes. If my memory is correct, when radical socialist Dwight D. Eisenhower was president, the highest marginal tax rate was something like 90 percent.

You shouldn’t even bother to watch the video. If you read the transcript, you get the idea of how the editing of the video manages to cut out most of the heart of what Bernie Sanders had to say. The transcript is quite good, tough. You will really enjoy reading it.

Bernie Sanders Tames Wolf Blitzer   Recently updated !

I love this never ending series of Bernie Sanders Tames …

Here he is taming Wolf Blitzer. I promise you the video will get there shortly. You have to see the prelude to fully understand the taming.

If all Bernie Sanders did was to handle the media pundits the way he handled Blitzer, this would be a huge gift to society all by itself. Luckily, this skill might get him all the way to the Whitehouse.

Bernie Sanders Kicks Off His Presidential Campaign In Burlington   Recently updated !

Vermont Public Radio has coverage of Bernie Sanders Kicks Off His Campaign In Burlington.

Bernie Sanders Kicking off his Presidential Campaign

The article has the following link:

I don’t know of any candidate running this year or in the past 4 decades who holds out a greater possibility of getting this country back on track as does this candidacy of Bernie Sanders. It would be a tragic mistake if the voters of this country didn’t get to hear this message, and decide for themselves where they want this country to go.

Why limit this to The United States? There are probably billions of people around the world that would like to have a person like Bernie Sanders leading their country.

Bloomberg News has the article ‘Political Revolution': Bernie Sanders Officially Launches Democratic Presidential Bid. It has some video clips to go along with the audio above.

I know this is horse race coverage which we should not promote, but what fan of Bernie Sanders could resist taking heart from this excerpt.

Sanders, one of the most avowedly left-wing members of Congress, has risen steadily in polling since hinting at a bid. A November 2014 Bloomberg/Saint Anselm poll put his support in New Hampshire at just 6 percent to the 62 percent enjoyed by Hillary Clinton. At the start of May, Sanders had risen to 18 percent, benefiting from Massachusetts Senator Elizabeth Warren’s repeated insistence that she would not run for president.

Is Paul Krugman The Big Meh? 1   Recently updated !

Paul Krugman has the opinion piece in The New York Times, The Big Meh.

In other words, at this point, the whole digital era, spanning more than four decades, is looking like a disappointment. New technologies have yielded great headlines, but modest economic results. Why?
One possibility is that the numbers are missing the reality,
Another possibility is that new technologies are more fun than fundamental.
So what do I think is going on with technology? The answer is that I don’t know — but neither does anyone else.

The feigned ignorance that Krugman displays in articles like this is getting way more than a bit tiresome. He seems capable of thinking up two possibilities, and then seems to give up. He fails to note that over the more than four decades he cites, there has been a decimation of the government’s incentives for industry and the oligarchs to share the benefits of increased productivity with the workers. In past periods of increased productivity and economic growth, the sharing of the benefits with the workers has spurred enough job creation to make up for the jobs wiped out by increased productivity.

For a self-declared liberal with a conscience, Krugman’s inability to imagine this as a third possible explanation makes one wonder what has happened to that conscience. As John Oliver of the Last Week Tonight show might wonder in reference to Paul Krugman’s articles in the lame stream media, How Is This Still a Thing?

Lindsey Graham’s ‘pool room’ education 1   Recently updated !

MSNBC has the article Lindsey Graham’s ‘pool room’ education.

At the Southern Republican Leadership Conference in Oklahoma City, Graham didn’t make things any better. The BBC reported:

“Everything I learned about Iranians I learned working in the pool room,” he said. “I met a lot of liars, and I know Iranians are liars.”

In context, Graham didn’t seem to be arguing that Iranians were dishonest pool players in the South Carolina hall where he used to work, but rather, he got to know dishonest pool players, giving him finely tuned lie-detection skills, and those skills now tell him that Iranians are just like those pool sharks he used to know.

How can you give a guy like this any respect? I don’t know why we don’t just laugh him off the political stage.

Whitewater controversy   Recently updated !

In light of what we now know about the history of banking scandals that lead up to the crash of 2009 (see my previous post The WSJ and Barron’s Apologists for the Banksters Peddle Wallison’s Fables), I thought it might be interesting to look at the Whitewater controversy again.

Excerpting from the above linked WikiPedia article is this explanation of the Whitewater real estate deal.

In spring of 1978, McDougal proposed that Clinton and Rodham join him and his wife Susan in buying 230 acres (0.93 km2) of undeveloped land along the south bank of the White River near Flippin, Arkansas, in the Ozark Mountains. The goal was to subdivide the site into lots for vacation homes,…
This period featured high interest rates in general, and by the time these lots were surveyed and thus available for sale at the end of 1979, rates had climbed to near 20 percent. Prospective buyers could no longer afford to buy vacation homes. Rather than take a loss on the venture, the four decided to hold on, building a model home and hoping for better economic conditions.

This explanation doesn’t give any hint that there is any connection between this specific deal and the type of liar loans that eventually brought down the S&L industry, and years later a repeat of such fraud nearly brought down the whole world economy. Whoever, the Wikipedia article brings up all sorts of history that had passed from my memory. It gets uglier. Nobody involved in the prosecution or the defense at the time had the benefit of the hindsight gained from 2009 and beyond. I don’t know if anyone now, besides me, is going back to see what it looks like from today’s perspective. There may be some kooky conspiracy theorists who are doing this work of which I am unaware. I don’t know if I will be joining them if I find them.

The WSJ and Barron’s Apologists for the Banksters Peddle Wallison’s Fables 1   Recently updated !

New Economic Perspectives has the article The WSJ and Barron’s Apologists for the Banksters Peddle Wallison’s Fables by William K. Black. Remember that Black is one of the regulators who lived the history that he is reporting.

But Wallison (and the WSJ) also ignores the key act of deregulation that lies at the heart of his thesis (and is fatal to that thesis). The most important act of deregulation was the removal of our loan underwriting rule that we used to drive “liar’s” loans out of the S&L industry beginning in 1991. The rule was destroyed by Bill Clinton and Al Gore’s “Reinventing Government” assault on effective regulation. The underwriting rule was replaced with a deliberately unenforceable “guideline.” The elimination of the rule was not the product of housing goals – it was the product of Clinton and Gore’s “New Democrat” hostility to effective regulation. The elimination of the rule made it far harder for regulators to ban liar’s loans and take enforcement action against them. (The Fed had unique authority once HOEPA was passed in 1994 to ban all liar’s loans, but Alan Greenspan and Ben Bernanke’s anti-regulatory dogmas ensured that the Fed refused to ban such loans even when it knew their fraud incidence was 90 percent. Their refusal had nothing to do with affordable housing goals and everything to do with the fact that they were co-celebrants of Wallison’s anti-regulatory dogmas.)

The WSJ op ed actually spends very little time discussing Wallison’s thoroughly and repeatedly discredited thesis that Fannie and Freddie, because of government housing goals, were the demons that caused the crisis. The WSJ op ed is really devoted to providing yet another apologia for the banksters – who are the victims of an overly aggressive DOJ.

I know there is no amount of counter-evidence that I could ever point people to to convince most of them that the Faux Noise fable of Barney Frank as the culprit is a complete fable with no supporting evidence. The only thing I can hope to do with these articles is to strengthen the resolve of the people who know the truth. Someone has to be speaking truth to power, all the while that power is speaking lies to the weak.

The other value in my reading these articles and blogging about them is to remind myself and others about the severe damage that Bill Clinton and Al Gore did during their administration. The reason this is so important is that Hillary Clinton is running for President. She has a special responsibility to disown the damage that her husband did. If she fails to do so, articles like this one are needed to remind us of the damage this supposed progressive can actually do.