Solving for Y with Elizabeth Warren and Suze Orman

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Politico has the video Solving for Y with Elizabeth Warren and Suze Orman.

Full video: POLITICO’s Mike Allen and Maggie Haberman moderate a conversation with Sen. Elizabeth Warren (D-Mass.) and personal finance expert Suze Orman on ‘Solving for Y: Exploring Opportunities for the Next Generation.’ 09/17/2014 12:14 PM

I only got through the first 5 minutes before my browser crapped out. Perhaps you will have better luck.

Request Coakley, Healey, Gobi Lawn Signs Near Sturbridge

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For the campaign season of the upcoming Massachusetts state election on November 4, 2014, I am going to deliver lawn signs for Martha Coakley, Maura Healey, and Anne Gobi in five towns around Sturbridge, Massachusetts.

My delivery area covers the towns of Charlton, Holland, Southbridge, Sturbridge, and Wales

The online request form is at The previous URL is an abbreviation of

Charlie Baker’s reaction to NFL domestic violence

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Martha Coakley has put up the video below.

To finish Charlie Baker’s sentence – “If we fired everybody who helped cover up for domestic violence, then there might be a lot less domestic violence.”

I have been thinking about just what it is about the Rice video that puts the behavior in a different class, it is not so much the punch itself, bad as that was. It is his callous behavior after she falls into unconsciousness. An NFL football player hasn’t the strength to gently lift his wife, carry her out of the elevator, and then care for her. He barely manages the energy to drag her most of the way out of the elevator. He shows no indication of realizing what an awful thing he has just done.

If this video makes you want to donate to the Coakley campaign, here is the link.

Who Do You Want To Run In 2016?

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The Young Turks network is taking a survey as explained in the YouTube Video. Here is the explanation of the video.

Are you dissatisfied with Hillary Clinton as the presumptive democratic nominee for President in 2016? Are you hoping for a more progressive candidate? We want to know who you want, email us your choice of candidate at once we receive your choices we will publish petitions for your candidates at We’ll leave your petitions up on our website until October 1st, at that point any candidate who has reached 1000 signatures on their petition we believe should be taken seriously as a legitimate progressive challenger to Hillary Clinton, we will leave those names up on our website indefinitely to see how many signatures those petitions get. Email your choice for a progressive challenger to Hillary Clinton at

I think that if your candidate is already on the list, you just have to go to the website above and cast your vote (sign the petition).

Robert Reich Explains the War on the Poor and Working Families

Filed Under SteveG's Posts has the video Robert Reich Explains the War on the Poor and Working Families.

On Robert Reich’s Facebook post, he asks if he is being too harsh with this video.

Here is the video.

I Democrats all over the country fail to make this the prime issue of the upcoming election, then perhaps they ought to lose control of the Senate, too.

An independent PAC is running commercials against Republican Charlie Baker for Massachusetts governor that hint at this issue. Martha Coakley, his Democratic opponent, ought to make it clear that Baker’s plan to solve whatever ills Massachusetts has by being harsher on welfare recipients is just part of the problem Reich is highlighting. Reich makes the point that you cannot fault people for not finding work when there are more people looking for work than there are jobs being offered. This puts the lie to Baker’s plan. This man, Baker, has no soul or no heart or neither one of them.

Am I being too harsh?

Cultural deprivation

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I have posted on this blog about the study of “cultural deprivation” as a sophomore in college as being my epiphany about what Ayn Rand didn’t tell me, and what was wrong about her philosophy. This was back around 1963.

It just dawned on me that there is probably still some literature floating around about this topic.

You can do a Google search on cultural deprivation theory definition. At the time I did this search there were only “About 1,410,000 results (0.40 seconds)” according to Google.

Wikipedia has a very short article Cultural deprivation. Part of the article states the following:

Proponents of this theory argue that working class culture (regardless of race, gender, ethnicity or other factors) inherently differs from that of people in the middle class. This difference in culture means that while middle-class children can easily acquire cultural capital by observing their parents, working-class children cannot, and this deprivation is self-perpetuating.

Some of the other Google references try to blame cultural deprivation on the parents of the deprived. This misses the whole point as far as what I studied. You cannot blame people for not teaching what it is that they aren’t even aware of. That is the self-perpetuating part of the Wikipedia definition. “Self-perpetuating” is not a value judgment on parenting skills, but it is a description of the facts of life.

If your parents didn’t educate you on cultural deprivation, then it may be that they were not aware of it themselves. Does it help to think about that to understand what it means for the cultural deprivation of others less fortunate than you. People whose parents have no experience nor any inkling of the importance of books and magazines in the home (now connection to the internet), can’t blame, and wouldn’t even know to blame their parents? This doesn’t even cover the fact that these parents are unlikely to be able to afford nor have the time to provide these amenities.

When you are working multiple jobs just to feed your family, and you are separated by distance from the support structure of the older generations of your family, then it is more difficult to provide these cultural amenities.

It is much easier for society to try to fill in some of what is missing at home. This is the basic premise of the Head Start program.

Some Candidates Who Need Help Now

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I just thought that you might want some links to the campaigns of a few candidates who could use your help. Right Now! – Put up lawn signs, contribute money, make phone calls, knock on doors, pass along these links.

Anne Gobi
for State Senator

Don Berwick Primary Night Speech and Coakley Endorsement

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I received an email from Don Berwick.

Dear Steve,

In the week that has passed since the Primary Election, I have received many emails and cards with kind thoughts and words of encouragement. Prompted by these and my own reflections, I’d like to share a few thoughts.

It has been a pleasure and an honor to serve as a candidate for governor, and the 114,000 voters who supported me are, without doubt, a future force for change.

To all of you, I have one request now: join me in full support of Martha Coakley and the Democratic ticket on November 4th. Although we do not agree on all of the issues, I have no doubt at all that the Commonwealth’s future will be in excellent hands in a Coakley Administration. I cannot say the same about the prospect of four years under Charlie Baker and the Republican Party.

As for our efforts, I cannot thank you enough! My gratitude to all of those who supported me has grown ever stronger with the opportunity to rest and relax a bit. What you achieved on my behalf and on behalf of our shared agenda is amazing – far beyond usual expectations for a newcomer facing the uphill battle that we faced. I hope you feel proud.

We placed single payer health care on the map for our state and for the nation with more force than any prior political campaign in any state has managed to do. We stood firm in opposition to casinos for Massachusetts. We made the case for significant reforms in education, health care delivery, environmental stewardship, and criminal justice, as well as for world-class aims in our transportation system. And, most important to me, we highlighted poverty and inequality as the most important issues for our time, and articulated an agenda for the end of hunger, homelessness, and poverty in the Commonwealth. Together, we made it possible for candidates and the electorate to talk about these issues with heads held high.

I believe that the future well-being of the Democratic Party lies in its unapologetic and firm commitment to the progressive values that together we explored over and over again in this campaign: social justice, equality, and compassion in public policy. Our state and our nation are hungry for leaders who remind us all of our shared interest in these values and in human rights. The Democratic Party stands for those values and Martha Coakley will champion them.



P.S. there have been many requests for the speech I gave on the night of the election. Click here to watch it.

7News Boston WHDH-TV

US Corporate Executives to Workers: Drop Dead

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Here is another good one from Naked Capitalism, US Corporate Executives to Workers: Drop Dead.

Unfortunately, Porter appears to have characterized the problem accurately when he depicts the attitude of these self-serving executives as a looting of the commons of labor, meaning much of America. And the precursor of the early industrial period show that this can be a sustainable strategy until workers finally rebel. The Bolshevik revolution, which was actually a peasant revolt, was more than a century after the enclosure movement began its successful program to turn independent yeoman farmers into desperate factory wage-slaves. So while history suggests that capitalists will push workers beyond their breaking point, that rupture can be a very long time in coming.

Maybe that means that I can continue to profit from the looting for rest of my life.  That’s a load off my mind.

Investment Bombshell: CalPERS Exiting Hedge Funds

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Naked Capitalism has the story Investment Bombshell: CalPERS Exiting Hedge Funds by Yves Smith.

CalPERS, the largest public pension fund in the US, is widely seen as an industry leader and its practices are emulated by other public pension funds. CalPERS has just announced that it is withdrawing from hedge fund investing entirely.

This is a major development in investing-land. Having the giant California investor repudiate the premise that hedge funds are an asset class and therefore a prudent investor is obligated to invest in them will legitimate other investors, including endowments and foundations, questioning the logic of putting funds with hedge fund managers.

I just hope that the Massachusetts state pension funds can get out while the getting is good.  Our state funds have a 20% holding in Hedge Funds and Private Equity.  From what I was able to glean from the article and my previous post, Mass. pension fund posts 15.2% gain for ’13, this may be as much as 10 times larger proportion than CalPERS.