Daily Archives: May 2, 2008

Have You Been Had 1

You have probably heard a few snippets of Pastor Jeremiah Wright’s speech at the NAACP’s Fight For Freedom Fund Dinner. Again, these snippets hardly do justice to him.

If you watch to the very end of part 6, you will see how well even CNN can cover the news when they really try.

Follow the links below to get yourself an education and an inspiration.

You Have Been Duped Again

If the main stream media duped you over what Jeremiah Wright said in his sermons, did you actually expect them to cover his rebuttal fairly? That would be awfully naive, wouldn’t it?

I have links to the first 5 parts of his appearance at the National Press Club. I have as yet been unable to get the rest of it. To see for yourself what the msm has falsified, view the video of his appearance by following the links below.

On May 10, I found the link to part 6.  If you read this item before May 10, then you might not have been able to see part 6.