Open Letter to Keith Olbermann

I cannot seem to get past the gate keepers at the web site to post this letter to Keith Olbermann. Here is what I wrote to the MSNBC editors in the hope that they would pass it on to Keith Olbermann.

You sure do not make it easy to leave messages for specific shows.

I’d like to ask Keith Olbermann why he keeps talking about Rev. Wright’s National Press Club appearance as if he has the foggiest notion what went on there.

I have viewed the entire video of Wright’s appearance at the National Press Club. It is nothing like how Keith and his guest represent it.

I can understand why they cannot report on this event honestly. There was nothing wrong with Wright’s prepared speech. However, during the question and answer period the MC kept asking him hostile questions. He answered them all with great humor, intelligence, and equanimity. Obviously the MC was not prepared for such erudite answers. She was unable to change course based on what she heard. The more she proceeded, the more foolish she looked. Since many questions were prepared by members of the press, this just made them look like complete fools.

Thus the press has a conflict of interest on reporting this event.

I would like to see the press post the complete video of Wright’s appearance on their web sites. They should then show specific pieces of the appearance to back up their claims about it. Then they should tell their audience to view the entire video to see if the reporting is fair.

I guess this will happen at about the same time that the press can admit that Stephen Colbert’s appearance at the Washington Press Club dinner a few years ago was hilariously funny.

In both cases the non-press audiences at these events understood what the press seems constitutionally unable to understand.

See my post about stopping propaganda to see what you can do to help me fight this battle with the media.

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