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The Way Of The World

I presume you have heard about the new book by Ron Suskind called “The Way of the World“.

With George Tenet’s specific denial about some of the allegations in the book, you may have doubts as did I.

Follow this link to an item on Salon.com that is Suskind’s rebuttal.  In the Salon item, there is a link to another piece in Salon by Joe Conason.  This is worth reading, too.  Also in the first Salon piece is this link to the transcript on Ron Suskind’s web site.

Anthrax, False Flag, Conspiracy

Follow this link to the BuzzFlash editorial on who might ulitmately be responsible for the anthrax attack purportedly committed by Dr. Ivins.

I followed one of the suggested links in the comments to find out about Operation Northwoods.  The link was not exactly in the comment.  I had to go to Google to find this link.

The more the FBI piles on evidence about Dr. Bruce Ivins, the more suspicious of the FBI I become.  It is like many of the high pressure sales techniques I have seen over the years.  The salesman proposes a fantastic deal.  Before you can even blink, he says “If that is not enough, here is another enticement.”  After three or four rounds of this you start to wonder how good a deal the original proposal could have been.

When I wrote the above, I don’t think I had seen the Countdown by Keith Olbermann piece on this.  Follow this link to see the Countdown report.

I was always suspicious about the idea that Ivins could have committed suicide with the drug he purportedly used.  I have had similar drugs prescribed for me for pain after one of the surgeries I have recently had.  I was a little worried about the addicitve quality that I had read about.  I read that the pills prescribed for me had an additive that made you vomit if you took too many of the pills.