Scars Left by ‘Great Recession’ Will Be Hard to Erase

Scars Left by ‘Great Recession’ Will Be Hard to Erase on Yahooo!  Am I repeating myself often enough?  See the video below.

An excerpt from the article:

But there is hope, says Peck. There are things that can be done to erase these permanent stains and turn the economy around by putting people back to work: invest in infrastructure that is crumbling anyway, and create a Manhattan type project to create breakthrough innovation that will make the U.S. more globally competitive.

Unfortunately, these two ideas likely fall on deaf ears because it seems the current U.S. Congress is more prone to playing visceral partisan politics vs. working towards the good of the American people

Well, not really all of Congress. Just the Republican minority is bent on ruining the country for political and their own economic gain.

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