Full Speech: Obama Prods Congress to Pass $450B Jobs Package ‘Right Away’

I guess the President did eventually show up to give his speech. If you missed it, here is the video of the entire speech.

In this barbershop their are millions of chairs, no waiting.

It was very instructive to watch the difference in applause from Vice President Joe Biden and House Speaker John Boehner. Can we infer from the lack of applause from John Boehner that he does not favor the following items:

  1. We should race to the top instead of the bottom
  2. The GI bill that educated returning WWII veterans so they could get into the middle class was an action worth emulating now
  3. Congress meeting its responsibilities
  4. The people of this country getting immediate action rather than waiting 14 months for the elections to change the politics of Washington

Only late in the speech did I start recording the things Boehner did not applaud. If I were to go back and start recording from the beginning, the list would be hugely longer. I’ll leave that as an exercise for the viewer.

I also want to go back and compare the points in my imagining of the speech, In Praise Of President Obama’s Speech On The Economy, to what the President said in the actual speech.

September 10, 2011

I have gone back and extracted the statements that President Obama made that drew applause from Vice President Biden, but not from Speaker Boehner. Just a couple of these show tepid applause from Boehner versus a standing ovation from Biden. Many of these would make good campaign spots for the Democrats and for President Obama. If anyone has a connection to any of these entities, pass along my snippets as suggestions.

Doing Nothing Is Not An Option, Or Is It?
Can You Wait 14 Months?
Time To Meet Our Responsibilities
G. I. Bill Of Rights
Win The Race To The Top
Keep Collective Bargaining Rights
Make America First In Manufacturing
Refinance Mortgages At Low Interest Rates
Tax Advantages For Companies Creating Jobs In America
Tax Code Where Everyone Gets a Fair Shake
Wealthy Should Pay Their Fair Share
No Middle Class Tax Increase
Extend Unemployment Benefits
Help The Longterm Unemployed
Put Our Teachers Back In The Classroom
No More Boondoggles
Put Construction Workers Back To Work
As Bipartisan As 50 Republicans
Cut Payroll Taxes In Half
Every Child Deserves A Great School

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