72 Percent Disagree With Perry That Social Security Is A ‘Monstrous Lie’ |

The brief item 72 Percent Disagree With Perry That Social Security Is A ‘Monstrous Lie’ was on the Think Progress web site.  Of course, polls are not real news, but the result taken from the CNN poll:

The Social Security system has been described as a “monstrous lie” and as a failure. Do you think those phrases are an accurate description of the Social Security system, or don’t you think so?

Sept. 9-11
Accurate 27%
Not accurate 72%
No opinion 1%

is a nice complement to my post, Why a Pay-As-You-Go System (Social Security) is not like a Ponzi scheme.  It shows that the vast majority of those polled believe that what Tea Partiers like to hear is recognizing as a lie filled sack of something.  Of course that does not mean that they will refrain from voting for a politician who says these things.

The other thing I take from this is that if we keep pounding the message that this is pack of lies at least as often as any politician repeats the lie, then there is hope that the voters are listening.  The moment we stop countering the lies, people will start believing them.  The politicians who spout these lies know that  they have a short half-life, so they know they have to keep repeating them.  Unfortunately the truth has just as short if not a shorter half-life as the lies.

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