Robert Reich: Why This is Exactly The Time to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure

Robert Reich: Why This is Exactly The Time to Rebuild America’s Infrastructure explains the following:

Now connect the dots. Anyone with half a brain will see this is the ideal time to borrow money from the rest of the world to put Americans to work rebuilding the nation’s infrastructure.

Problem is, too many in Washington have less than half a brain.

Coincidentally, before I read this article, I had posted a comment that with trillions of dollars of needed infrastructure investment and prices so low to do the work, it should be a no-brainer to do the work now.  The only difference between Reich and me is that I don’t even think it should take any brains to figure this out.

With the Republicans and Faux Noise spewing the opposite idea 24/7, it just takes as much repetition on our side as they have on their side.  People are not thinking (not using any brains).  They are on automatic pilot and following what they hear most often.

If we could repeat the truth often enough, maybe we could get people to think.  Once they started thinking, they too might see the obvious.

Maybe we also need to repeat the part where Robert Reich says:

Seems like only yesterday conservative nabobs of negativity predicted America’s ballooning budget deficit would generate soaring inflation and crippling costs of additional federal borrowing.

Remember Standard & Poor’s downgrade of the United States? Recall the intense worry about investors’ confidence in government bonds — America’s IOUs?


Last week ten-year yields on U.S. Treasuries closed at 1.83 percent.

In other words, they were wrong.

The Republicans are proved so wrong, so fast, so many times, why do they have any claim to credibility?  Repetition.

There have been so many times in my life when I have seen an open door to a seemingly public building with no signs forbidding entry.  As I head for the door, my companion will say “You can’t go in there!”

I say, “Oh, yes I can.  What’s to stop me?”  So we go in and my companion has to admit the only thing stopping us would have been the belief that “You can’t go in there!”

So to all the people who think, “You can’t borrow money to fix the infrastructure and create jobs!”  I say, “Oh, yes we can.  What’s to stop us?”

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