Why the Left Won’t Accept Success

My first rection to seeing the article title Why the Left Won’t Accept Success was, “What success?”  However, I clicked through and read on.

It appears that some don’t want to accept that the anti-war movement has won a hard-fought victory and that Obama’s election was a factor. It’s almost as if the fact that something has been achieved through the deeply flawed U.S. political system threatens a preferred political analysis, which holds that nothing good can happen.

The conclusion states,

Like Kennedy, Obama has faced a steep learning curve as president and has made his share of mistakes. But his completion of the U.S. withdrawal from Iraq and his timetable for phasing out a U.S. combat role in Afghanistan by 2014 suggest that he is following a JFK-like trajectory.

Except this time, what might reverse the course of history would be Obama’s electoral defeat in 2012. Republican front-runners, including Mitt Romney and Rick Perry, have made clear that they would again pursue a muscular neocon agenda with higher military spending and insistence on U.S. global dominance.

There is still plenty of time for Obama to inspire me to work for him as much as I did the last time.  If he fails to do that, then Romney, Cain, or whoever the Republicans choose might inspire me to work hard for Obama.  With Elizabeth Warren added to the Senate to push Obama in his second term, we might see a better term than the first one.

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