Propaganda Driven Hysteria Over Iranian Nuke Program

Democracy Now the article and interview Seymour Hersh: Propaganda Used Ahead of Iraq War Is Now Being Reused over Iran’s Nuke Program. The story was repeated by Truth Out.

In his latest article for The New Yorker blog, titled “Iran and the IAEA,” Hersh argues the recent report is a “political document,” not a scientific study. “They [JSOC] found nothing. Nothing. No evidence of any weaponization,” Hersh says. “In other words, no evidence of a facility to build the bomb. They have facilities to enrich, but not separate facilities to build the bomb. This is simply a fact.”

From the blog post on The New Yorker web site posting “Iran and the IAEA” mentioned above, I have Hersh’s words:

I’ve been reporting on Iran and the bomb for The New Yorker for the past decade, with a focus on the repeated inability of the best and the brightest of the Joint Special Operations Command to find definitive evidence of a nuclear-weapons production program in Iran. The goal of the high-risk American covert operations was to find something physical—a “smoking calutron,” as a knowledgeable official once told me—to show the world that Iran was working on warheads at an undisclosed site, to make the evidence public, and then to attack and destroy the site.

Hersh also reports the information that never makes it to the news:

The report did note that its on-site camera inspection process of Iran’s civilian nuclear enrichment facilities—mandated under the Nuclear Non-Proliferation Treaty, to which Iran is a signatory—“continues to verify the non-diversion of declared nuclear material.” In other words, all of the low enriched uranium now known to be produced inside Iran is accounted for; if highly enriched uranium is being used for the manufacture of a bomb, it would have to have another, unknown source.

It is just terrible how much propaganda the United States, Israel, and other countries are using to drum up an hysteria that has absolutely no cause that I can see.  Seymour Hersh has about 20 minutes in the interview we he just keeps laying on the evidence that President Obama and Israeli politicians are lying about almost everything they say about Iran.

Are we going to get into yet another war fomented by lying politicians, the press, and the wealthy?  Does Iran have oil? Enough said.

Three days after this post, there was a story, Big CIA Bust Reported in Iran, with possible links to this one.

The future post How China Has Benefited From America’s Hostility to Iran may also be relevant.

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