Interview With James Galbraith

Mark Thoma has posted an Interview with James Galbraith that was conducted by Roger Strassburg in the German publication NachDenkSeiten.  I give the link to Thoma’s post of the interview just so you get a few introductory remarks and also get a chance to see other links on his blog.  One of those links is to a speech made by James Galbraith at a conference in Germany. The actual interview on the original site are part 1 and part 2.

The teaser I have chosen from the interview is a response by James Galbraith:

The specifics of this begin with the question of the debt, and recognition that you cannot adjust your way out of a debt that can’t be paid. A debt that can’t be paid won’t be paid. The sooner you relieve the burden of that debt, the better off you are.

This is just an example of the practicality of the discussion.  I see it as an attempt of both the interviewer and the interviewee trying to get people to see reality as it is rather than as their preconceived notions would want it to be.

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