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Naked Capitalism has the article The Robots are Coming for White Collar Jobs.

Computers and improvements in technology have long been an important part of many industries and have already replaced humans in many jobs (think typists and bank tellers). However, a whole new wave of technological development means that even positions once thought to be safe from computerisation are now under threat.

The article features the chart published by The Economist.

Job replacement chart

I won’t be so bold as to predict when this will happen. It won’t happen all at once, but it does seem fairly inevitable.

That is why I keep pushing my thought experiment. When the day comes that robots can be used to produce everything that the human population needs so that nobody has to work, what will the society look like? Will everybody lead a fairly comfortable life with some sort of somewhat even distribution of wealth. Or will the robots produce just enough for the wealthy to have a good lifestyle while the rest of us are turned into beggars? What control do we have as to which way the society will turn?

It may be 10s or 100s of years before this ultimate scenario comes into being. Thinking about it now might help us figure out how to make the transition as it progresses bit by bit.

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