Exclusive – Hillary Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 2

The Daily Show has the interview Exclusive – Hillary Clinton Extended Interview Pt. 2.

There is so much wrong with what Clinton has to say here that it reminds me that it is not only her domestic policy that is so off track.

She thinks that if the people alive today understood our history better, they would like us better.

Two days ago I added to my list of Quotes,

It is crucial to understand the history, but the future is the only thing you can change.

If our history were indicative of what kind of country we are today, it would still be just ancient history compared to the relevance of what are we going to do today and into the future.

She goes on to clarify that during the cold war with our competition with the USSR, we had a large information campaign to tell the world about America in comparison to the USSR. She thinks we have cut too far back on such efforts. She forgets that during the cold war, our fear of the competition with the USSR for hearts and minds of people around the world kept the worst tendencies of our oligarchs in check. It is not only the breadth of our story telling has declined, but it is the story itself that has declined. Many of Hillary Clinton’s favorite oligarchs are substantially responsible for the decline of the story.

She then goes on to talk about the situation in Ukraine claiming that Russian propaganda has been more effectively told than our story. In fact, our greatest propaganda victory has been hiding the sordid record of our involvement in this Ukrainian debacle. The fact that she can give a public interview (without getting booed off the stage) claiming that the Russian’s are the bad guys and we are the good guys in the Ukraine shows our propaganda success.

What is sordid about our involvement in the Ukraine has a lot to do with how our oligarchs and their friends around the world want to do worse by the Ukraine than they have already managed to do to the USA. These are the friends of Hillary.

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