Jon Stewart Skewers Netanyahu Over Accepting GOP Invite To U.S. (VIDEO)

Talking Points Memo has the article Jon Stewart Skewers Netanyahu Over Accepting GOP Invite To U.S. (VIDEO).  Originally, I wasn’t going to post this because I didn’t feel that it was a very significant or pointed segment.  However, after thinking about this one part, I changed my mind.

Jon Stewart broke out in laughter on Thursday’s edition of “The Daily Show” at news that President Obama would not be meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu.

Obama told press that he was declining to meet with Netanyahu because “general policy” said U.S. leaders don’t meet with a foreign leader too close to that country’s election, lest it appear America is meddling in another country’s affairs.


I am very disappointed in President Obama’s reaction. We all can see that figuratively Netanyahu has slapped Obama in the face. Obama’s reaction is to try to pretend that it didn’t happen. When will the President show the outrage that Netanyahu deserves? As my previous post suggested, Obama should at least declare Israel’s ambassador as persona non grata and force him to be recalled by Israel. Why the ambassador? Because he has been reported as purposely negotiating with Speaker Boner to arrange this visit without prior knowledge of our President. This is an intentional attempt to embarrass our President.

President Obama needs to read my previous post Nixon’s Madman Theory. Unless the President learns to apply this theory liberally (pun intended), then people are going to continue to walk all over him.

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