Should We Insist on Vaccinations?

Sarah Clark started a conversation on this topic with a post on her Facebook page.

My response to the question she posed was:

Don’t mistake the anti-abortionists’ highjacking of a legitimate technique for illegitimate purposes as deligitimizing the technique for legitimate purposes.

If a woman decides to have an abortion, that does not endanger me, my relatives, or society as a whole. In this case, I have no right to tell the woman what she should or shouldn’t do.

If a parent decides not to vaccinate a child, then that does threaten me, my family, and society as a whole. If the author of the article has proof, as he suggests he does, that the technique he suggests does work, then I would support it. If the technique does not work well enough, then I would suggest going back to a policy that I think we used to have. If you want to send your child to a public school, then you have to provide evidence of the required immunizations.

If you do not want to have your child vaccinated, then find some other way to provide for the child’s education.

In continuation of the conversation, Sarah posted two very useful links. Massachusetts Department Of Public Health – Immunization Exemptions and Vaccine Preventable Disease Exclusion Guidelines in School Settings and State Vaccination Exemptions for Children Entering Public Schools.

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