Boston Globe Ignores Its Own Culpability In Misleading About the MBTA

There were several letters to the editor published in The Boston Globe today.

Problems lie with MBTA’s labor costs and Time for the ultimate overhaul both show that readers don’t have a complete understanding of why the MBTA faces some of the financial problems that it does.

Even the letter favorable to the MBTA, Mass. leaders should embrace transit excellence, not austerity, could probably benefit from knowing the part of the story that is missing.

This part of the story was covered in my previous post The Boston Globe Covers Up for Wall Street, Ignores Swaps Losses in Coverage of MBTA Turmoil.

The Boston Globe may be unaware of the issues that are getting swept under the rug.  They certainly haven’t owned up to the part they have played in furthering the misperceptions about the MBTA.

My response to these letters is a perfect example of one of the reasons why I write this blog.  In this case, I was able to easily find the article that shows what The Boston Globe is hiding, because I could look it up on my own blog.  Somehow, I knew that I would want to reference that article some day.

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