ISDS is a bad deal for America – Part ot TPP “Trade” deal.

Elizabeth Warren has a petition she would like you to sign called ISDS is a bad deal for America.

The United States is in the final stages of secret, closed-door negotiations on the Trans-Pacific Partnership, a massive trade agreement with 11 other countries.

Who will benefit from it? One provision hidden in the fine print – “Investor-State Dispute Settlement” – may sound harmless, but don’t let that fool you: ISDS could let foreign companies challenge US laws without ever stepping in an American court.

That would undermine US sovereignty and tilt the playing field even further in favor of multinational corporations.

Sign my petition and spread the word: ISDS is a bad deal for America.

See how the President and the Republicans are going to make appointments to the Supreme Court a moot point.  Laws will be overthrown, huge penalties will be assessed against the American people. The Supreme Court won’t even get a chance to judge any  particular case if it comes before them, because the TPP makes it impossible for it to come before them.

Is this something that shows the patriotism of those who hide behind the flag every chance they get?  These people who tout their strict constructionist bona fides don’t even want to let the Supreme Court do its job.  How far can their actions get from their rhetoric before the voters notice?  Of course, if these “strict constructionists” had there way, there would be very few voters left on the voting rolls to vote.

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