Is there life in the multiverse?

Earth Sky has the article Is there life in the multiverse?

Now scientists in the U.K. and Australia have taken an interesting step toward probing the multiverse. Their work, which is based on computer simulations, suggests that life could potentially be common throughout the multiverse, if a multiverse exists.

Many of the comments about this article disparaged what was studied here as just speculation. They said it wasn’t scientific research because it was “merely” based on a computer simulation.

I responded to that train of thought and to some other thoughts that were in the article.

One way to understand the importance of certain variables in a system is to see how variations of those variables would change the system. A computer simulation is about the only way you can see how sensitive a large system is. Knowing that the system is not as sensitive to the amount of dark energy as scientists had assumed from their simpler previous calculations can lead to valuable insights.

I don’t know the meaning of the luck of being in a system that supports life as we know it. If the system did not support life as we know it, we wouldn’t be around to think about it. The only way that life like us could exist to think about such things would be to live in a system that can support us.

There is no telling what we might learn from speculating about such issues, so I wouldn’t disparage such speculation. Such speculation is not something I would devote much of my life to. However, it probably is a good thing that there are a few people who want to spend their time on such speculations.

If we somehow were to restrict people’s thoughts to only what we knew for sure would be productive, then there are lots of useful discoveries we never would have had.

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