‘Ridiculous Things Are Happening’: NATO Begins Exercises That Risk Nuclear War

Clearing the Fog from PopularReistance.org has the podcast ‘Ridiculous Things Are Happening’: NATO Begins Exercises That Risk Nuclear War.

The proxy war between NATO and Russia being waged in Ukraine has taken a dangerous turn and the risk of nuclear annihilation is growing as a result.

Scott Ritter comes on at about 15 minutes into this podcast. As I was listening to this, I began to feel that Scott Ritter was explaining his wishful thinking of events. This is OK,as long as we realize what this is. Events have a good chance of not working out as he describes because people have a habit of doing unexpected things.

Realizing that we are not in complete control is not an excuse to behave irrationally against our better judgment. Perhaps there is an actual reverse Murphy’s law. That would be that no matter how we try to make things go wrong, nothing that can go wrong will go wrong. I wouldn’t want to bet on that strategy.

When I was training in the USA army in the late 1960s, there was the story going around, that the Army never sent training graduates where they wanted to go. This poor sap thought he would outsmart the Army by taking advantage of this rumored tendency. So, he said he wanted to go to Vietnam. That’s exactly where the Army sent him. So much for the reverse version of Murphy’s Law.

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