Judaism Being Murdered by Israel

Films For action has the article Israel Has Broken My Heart: I’m a Rabbi in Mourning for a Judaism Being Murdered by Israel. By Rabbi Michael Lerner / salon.com

It is this love, compassion, justice and peace-oriented Judaism that the State of Israel is murdering. The worshipers of Israel have fallen into a deep cynicism about the possibility of the world that the prophets called for in which nations shall not lift up the sword against each other and they will no longer learn war, and everyone will live in peace. True, that world is not already here, but the Jewish people’s task was to teach people that this world could be brought into being, and that each step we take is either a step toward that world or a step away from it. The Israel worshipers are running away from the world, making it far less possible, and then call their behavior Judaism and Israel “the Jewish state.”

This article was published in Aug 10, 2014. It is shocking how much the situation has worsened in the almost 10 years since this was published.

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