This is my blog for commenting on politics.

I make no pretense about balance on this blog. If you want balance, read another blog.

I try to go by the principle of fair use when I comment on what has been published elsewhere.  That means that I only use a small part of the original source  to give you an idea of what motivates my comment.  I also always provide a hypertext link to the original source. The part I want to comment on may not even be representative of the article, as a whole, from which I am quoting.  You really need to read the sources that I link to if you want to get a fair idea of what those sources have to say.

Making this a blog instead of an ordinary web page gives you the opportunity to post comments in response to the articles that I post.

My original political commentary web page is still at www.ssgreenberg.name/Politics.

This blog is also echoed onto Facebook and Google+. Those of you who use Facebook or Google+ frequently may find it easier to read it there. Although not all the graphics makes it from here to there.  If you notice something missing on the Facebook version, you can click through to the original version here.