Government Tries to Bury Anthrax Story

For the conspiracy theorists among us, follow this link to read a blog that asks some interesting questions about the latest events in the saga of the Anthrax letters.

Follow this link to the part about the involuntary commitment of Bruce Ivins.

If the FBI was so willing to falsely accuse other people of these crimes, what makes us think that they have the right culprit now?

Emerging Viruses: AIDS & Ebola—Nature, Accident or Intentional?

In the National Press Club interview, the MC asked Wright about his claim that HIV/AIDS was invented by Americans (I don’t remember the exact words of the claim). Wright mentioned the reasonably well known incident of the syphilis experiment conducted by the government on some black men. (I know, I have read at least one doubter that this ever happened.) He then said that he believes that a government that would carry this out would be capable of doing something similar with AIDS/HIV. He specifically did not say that he knew that the government had done so.

In his reply, he mentioned an author of a book on the subject. I have always intended to look at the video again so that I could track this reference down. In response to one of my items on Huffington Post, I was given the following link:

More on Dr. Leonard Horowitz, the WHITE scientist who(sic) works provided the basis for Wright’s remarks:

I have briefly looked at this page. My first reaction is that this is another nut with a conspiracy theory. However, given the behavior that I have witnessed of the media in this whole Rev. Wright affair, it does make you wonder if this could actually be true. Someday, I may dig further. I post this link for anybody else who may want to look into this.