Be Ashamed, Be Very Ashamed

I hate watching Bill Moyer’s Journal.  It makes me despair for the country.

Follow this link to see this week’s show.

The coverage of the US torture scandal should make us all ashamed.This country’s leaders no longer seem to care about humanity, law, and justice.  The American people can’t seem to get excited over the issue either.

Sometimes I wonder what it would take to get people upset. Does using medical doctors the way the Germans did in World War II concentration camps ring any bells? Can we be more active protesters than were the German citizens of that time period?  As yet, we don’t face the physical dangers that they did if they protested.  Will the deteriorating economy lead us to accept the kind of government that the Germans accepted in the 1930s?

In an only vaguely related matter, when I tried to raise a ruckus over the FISA bill, some of my liberal but cynical friends said to calm down that it was just politics.

The piece with Fritz Hollings on the corruption of our government was also disturbing, even though it is not quite so close to the issue of our fundamental humanity.