Israel Suppporters

On Joe Klein and the Jewish Neoconservatives

This is rather indirect, but follow this link to a commentary on Huffington post about Joe Klein and the Jewish neoconservatives.

It should be obvious from reading the items on this Blog that I do not support the Jewish neoconservatives.  I think their policies that are intended to favor Israel are in fact highly detrimental to Israel.  I just want to make that clear, in case there were any doubts.

As I have said in private conversations, true friends of Israel would be willing to be frank with Israeli leaders about the damage that some Israeli policies are doing to Israel’s own interests.  A strong ally of Israel would not blindly support everything that Israel does.

I believe that all people deserve to live in freedom. I believe that a way must be found for free people on all sides of the issue to live together peacefully.

With Friends Like These …

Max Blumenthal has a new article on Huffington post that introduces his mocumentary of Pastor John Hagee.

With friends like these “supporting” Israel, Israel doesn’t even need enemies.  What was said at this meeting scares me more than anything Rev. Wright has said.  That’s not saying much because Rev. Wright does not scare me at all.

Of course, Blumenthal has picked and chosen his snippets just as the main stream media has done to Wright.  So you have to be very skeptical.  Still it at least gives me pause.

What I find attractive about Obama’s and Wright’s message is that they say we need to stop attacking each other and start working together.  That means not making mocumetaries like this one, I suppose.  So, let’s take this all in good humor and not get too excited over it.