Steve Carrell Nails McCain On Pork-Barrelling

Follow this link to an interview of John McCain by Steve Carrell in 2000.

Spoiler alert —

He asked McCain how he could reconcile his criticism of pork-barrel politics with the fact that “while you were chairman of the Commerce Committee, that committee set a record for unauthorized appropriations.” For a long moment, McCain was speechless.


1 Lie Per Minute

Video Proof John McCain’s Ads are Lies

Follow this link to see a video showing the lies that John McCain has approved.

The video mentions the following truths:

– McCain derides Obama for protecting children from sexual predators

– McCain derides Obama for wanting to talk to Iran although we talked to the USSR

– McCain misinterprets reason why Obama blocked from seeing troops by Pentagon

– McCain has frequently not supported the troops

– McCains campaign filled with lobbyists he claims to have restricted in politics

– McCain’s plan for drilling will have no impact for 30 years.

If the truth were on their side, they would tell the truth.


2 Lies Per Minute

Obama’s Voting “Present” Does Not Mean “Maybe”

Follow this link where Eric Zorn explains in a Chicago Tribune article what a “present” vote by Barack Obama in the Illinois Legislature really means.

Again, Sarah Palin, takes a cheap shot with a Big Lie.  To be most charitable one might say she is spouting off again about subjects she knows nothing about. It is further proof that one refutation of a big lie is not enough.  We have to refute over and over again.  It also shows why I like to keep links to these refutations.  With McCain/Palin, you know that one refutation is not enough.

I am going to take my own suggestion and develop a graphic Lieometer to use with all comments about the McCain/Palin strategy.

Thanks to RichardH for finding the above link to give credence to my explanation to him of the meaning of the “Present” vote.