Media Manipulation

Bill Moyers Interviews Jeremiah Wright

I thought I would never write another item about Jeremiah Wright.  However, I just cannot resist posting this link to Bill Moyers’ interview of Wright.

I won’t bore you with how I felt about this interview.  I would dearly love to hear what you got out of this interview.

If you do not want to post your own thoughts on this blog, then send me some email that I can post for you.  Let me know how you want to be identified when I post your comments.

Have You Been Manipulated by the Media? 2

If Reverend Wright did not say what the media claims he said, would you feel you have been manipulated?

Couldn’t possibly happen. You may have seen the video with your own eyes.

Did you see the whole video?

Now I have no idea if this is any fairer representation of the pastor’s views.  I never paid much attention to the original video snippet.  However, the above link does seem to show more context.