Middle East

George Bush Interview by Richard Engel

Follow this link to see the full interview of George Bush by Richard Engel of NBC.

They discuss the situation in the Middle East. Richard Engel regularly reports from Iraq.

Whom you believe probably depends on the alternative universe in which you live.

Apropos of the video, I suppose if the bees are bothering your picnic, you might be tempted to smash the bee hive.  If you are a little boy from Texas, you ought to be careful.  I hear that the Africanized killer bees have made their way to parts of Texas.  Perhaps you ought to call in a professional to tranquilize the hive with smoke before you try to move it.

Who’s the Real Appeaser?

Follow this link to the article by Fareed Zakaria.

I think this article’s title does not do it justice. More than just an attack on Bush’s policies, it seems to me that it talks sense about the Mideast. It is a positive statement about what talking with one’s adversaries can do. It is also about understanding the motivations of ones adversaries.

I chose to use the word adversary instead of the word enemy. In this usage, I think of an adversary as one who stakes out a position that is contrary to the one you desire. On the other hand, an enemy is one that is seemingly unalterably hostile to you. It is not wise to behave in a way that  turns an adversary into an enemy.